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Week of Welcome Washington State University

Help us with 2020 WOW Assessment

Did you organize a Week of Welcome event and hold it online? You can help us gather data to assess attendance and participation. Please fill out this survey here to help us assess how 2020’s Week of Welcome went!

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Event Assessment

Week of Welcome is a program administered by New Student Programs to help students transition into the new school year. In 2014, WOW took a new approach to the program and used intentional themes each day to target specific needs of the student population.

WOW supports students’ transition to and retention at WSU by:

  • Assisting in the development of an identity and a relationship with the university, specific colleges and departments, peers, staff and community.
  • Promoting awareness of educational and co-curricular opportunities and laying the foundation for scholastic and civic engagement throughout college.
  • Creating an atmosphere that minimizes anxiety, promotes positive attitudes, and stimulates an environment for learning.
  • Providing healthy, active and engaging events for students as they adjust to college life in Pullman.

Based on recommendations from the 2013 Week of Welcome evaluation, the 2014 evaluation:

  • Created and used a logic model.
  • Assessed constructs aligned with WOW mission and goals including student wellbeing (positive and negative affect), academic integration, institutional and goal commitment, social integration, belonging, and academic self-efficacy.


A total of 775 students completed the WOW 2014 post survey. Although 144 students completed the pre survey few students completed both a pre and a post WOW evaluation, therefore, the following report focuses on the post data only.


Students who reported attending each category of events were compared to those who did not attend on the measured outcomes. Overall, the findings suggest that participation in WOW activities of all types was associated with positive outcomes for students that reflect overall wellbeing, academic integration /commitment /efficacy, and social connections. Attenders were higher on these outcomes compared to those that did not attend

The full 2014 Week of Welcome assessment report can be found here.